amplify – v. to increase the strength; to make something louder; to give more information; to speak or write in a more complete way

amplify is our signature coaching solution designed to help you further strengthen your communication skills and executive presence so that you are respected, confident, focused, and heard when the time is right for you to speak.

Executive communication coaching engagements are customized to provide you with focused and personalized attention to build on your communication strengths and tackle your specific challenges. Our coaches work with you privately and on your schedule.

Want to strengthen executive presence and speak with purpose and authority? Overcome stage fright and fear of public speaking? Improve interpersonal skills with co-workers? Prepare for an upcoming high-stakes meeting, presentation, or interview? Regardless of your challenges, your executive coach will help you become a simply outstanding communicator.

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Individuals who benefit most from 1:1 executive coaching recognize the value of strong communication skills and are committed to making positive change.  They tend to have a history of success and are inspired and energized by the prospect of growth and further achievement.  Specifically, we help:

  • Leaders who have found success but struggle with communicating their vision, projecting executive presence, and connecting with others
  • Emerging leaders who show high potential
  • Professionals who serve as subject matter experts for highly technical and complex topics (e.g., technology, accounting, financial services) and struggle to influence decisions, achieve stakeholder understanding, connect with customers, and garner support for their ideas
  • Women who want to speak with confidence, clarity, and authority and strengthen their executive presence

For those who want to improve their communication skills and executive presence, working with an executive communication coach offers:

  • Dedicated time to focus on improving communication skills: Many executives and professionals recognize that improving their communication skills and executive presence could help improve their impact, but a demanding schedule and a need to deliver on results in the workplace often override good intentions.  If professionals do not dedicate time to focus on their own professional development and strengthen their skills, it will likely never happen, or at least certainly not as quickly.  Committing to working with an executive coach holds executives and professionals accountable for dedicating time to becoming a stronger and more effective communicator.
  • Personalized attention:  Executive communication coaching offers personalized 1:1 attention for clients who want to improve their communication skills and executive presence.  During coaching sessions, we address each client’s specific communication-related challenges on his/her schedule.
  • Customized development plan:  The coaching sessions are customized to help each client tackle his/her specific challenges or prepare for upcoming high-stakes meetings or presentations.  The coaching promotes personal discovery and focuses on identifying and building on clients’ strengths and how to utilize those to the best of their advantage when communicating with an intended audience.
  • Accountability to practice new concepts:  During each coaching session, the coach will offer suggestions for how to tackle specific situations and offer ideas for new communication practices.  Clients will be given homework assignments and encouraged to practice the new concepts and ideas between sessions.  During each session, clients will be asked to share how the practices worked for them and how the practices can be refined to best reflect the client’s specific style during different situations.
  • On-call support available: In case presentations or situations arise between the coaching sessions, clients will have on-call access to their coach for additional guidance.  Coaches will be available via phone during business hours and provide unlimited email feedback, as needed.

Every coaching client has a unique set of challenges and goals when he/she reaches out to amplify his/her success.   These challenges are explored and confirmed during an initial assessment.  A customized development plan is then developed for each client that details the goals, specific issues and desired areas for improvement, and what topics will be covered during the engagement.

Common challenges that we often help our clients tackle include how to:

  • Share ideas and build buy-in and support of them
  • Speak with purpose, authenticity, and authority
  • Earn respect of direct reports and colleagues
  • Increase confidence
  • Strengthen executive presence
  • Establish credibility
  • Communicate a highly technical and complex topic
  • Build professional relationships and connections with current and potential clients
  • Capture the attention of an intended audience
  • Focus on crafting a meaningful and impactful message that excites people and moves them to action
  • Overcome stage fright and refine public speaking skills
  • Influence outcomes
  • Prepare for an upcoming high-stakes meeting, presentation, or interview
  • Speak succinctly
  • Lead and facilitate high-performing team meetings
  • Maintain control of conversations and media interviews

For executive coaching to be successful, it is critical that clients are committed to the process, actively participate in the sessions, and practice newly learned concepts.  Our executive communication coaches will offer ideas and suggestions throughout the coaching engagement regarding how the client can improve his/her communication skills and strengthen executive presence, but it will be up to the client to take action.

During an initial six-month executive communication coaching engagement, clients will:

  • Participate in an initial assessment to identify their strengths and explore specific challenges and issues that they would like to address during the coaching sessions
  • Receive a customized development plan (based on the initial assessment) that details the identified goals, challenges, and a plan of attack for the upcoming sessions
  • Participate in 12 virtual coaching sessions (via video conference or phone).  Clients will schedule these one hour sessions using an online portal according to their availability.  During these sessions, the executive communication coach will work with clients to identify their strengths and how to maximize them to their advantage in various situations; explore new practices and ideas designed to tackle and overcome specific challenges; learn and apply the Simply OutSTANDing™ communication approach, our proprietary, six-step method designed to help professionals craft and deliver messages to any audience in a variety of situations; and review and practice for upcoming high-stakes presentations, speeches, and/or interviews.
  • Receive and complete homework assignments designed to hold clients accountable for trying new communication practices and pushing them beyond their comfortable boundaries
  • Have on-call access to their coach during business hours to talk about specific issues, challenges, or high-stakes meetings that may develop between coaching sessions
  • Have unlimited email support from their coach
  • Receive a copy of the book entitled Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator:  Speak with confidence + clarity to get what you want

Depending on your specific goals and communication challenges, additional services that may be incorporated into the executive coaching engagement.  Our executive coaches are available to:

  • Perform on-site job shadowing
  • Conduct telephone interviews with colleagues and direct reports to identify how client is perceived by others
  • Conduct on-site and in-person coaching sessions
  • Accompany client to high-stakes events or interviews to provide last-minute guidance, observation, and constructive feedback
  • Develop and/or provide feedback regarding collateral and supporting materials for presentations/speeches
  • Facilitate message development sessions with client and his/her team regarding specific initiatives

Coaching engagements typically last six months, which consist of the initial coaching assessment and a minimum of 12 coaching sessions.  Some clients, however, choose to continue the coaching experience beyond the initial engagement to further strengthen their skills, be held accountable for applying effective communication practices, and have a dedicated resource available to turn to in preparation for high-stakes business meetings and presentations.

Today is the perfect day to get started.  Contact the Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator team to learn more.

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